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Field of activity

We specialize in the field of international claims handling.  

We offer our clients comprehensive advice and representation in the entire field of cross-border accident situations, especially in the case of traffic accidents, whereby we represent our customers from the day of the accident in the settlement of property damage and in organizing the medical assistance for bodily injuries suffered, then in a second Step in the management of the entire accident consequences to seek the best possible solutions.  

We recognize quickly the owed achievements in the domestic and above all foreign countries and make immediately the available compensation valid. We also ensure the smooth payouts of social security benefits. 

Where necessary, we work with doctors, case managers and representatives of insurance institutions to promote professional reintegration in the event of disability. We do not forget to always demand the services owed. We usually recognize that more is available than what the insurance institutions offer and even assert the legal representatives who have already been called in elsewhere. Often, due to the lack of specialization, insured or owed compensation is forgotten. This is the added value we generate. 

If the full ability to work can no longer be achieved, we charge the entire future damage, which we claim for you from the insurance institutions involved and enforce the payment. 

This also applies to unfortunately recurring tragic accidents with fatalities, where we help the bereaved with advice and assistance. We ensure that the injury suffered is compensated by an adequate compensation. If necessary, we will provide compensation for the loss of supply. It is crucial to clarify immediately at which jurisdiction the highest compensation is available, as there are large differences in the compensation levels within Europe.  

 If you are involved in criminal proceedings, we will quickly organize an advocacy for you at the scene of the accident so that you do not have to pay for an offense that you have not committed.