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The iclaims-team: the International Claims Alliance

This service is offered to you by a growing team of international claims experts.

The aim is an international network of specialists in the processing of property and personal injury. Experienced specialists are invited to join the network and to put their best practice to the benefit of all concerned, both on the side of the insurance companies and institutions, as well as on the side of the legal representatives.

Daniel Stauffer, social insurance specialist with Swiss federal diploma and liability specialist

Daniel Stauffer is one of the most experienced specialists in the handling of international claims, especially in the field of compulsory accident insurance and motor vehicle liability.

Due to his extensive experience, he is well acquainted with the legal relationships that arise in transnational loss events, so that he can always achieve excellent results for his clients. From his previous activities, he not only knows the environment of claims handling within the three largest European insurance groups, but also the position of the legal representative who represents the interests of the injured party. This from his own daily experience, so that he can always realize for his clients the most optimal solution conceivable in the entire market.

The cooperation with other, selected international damage specialists is in preparation. Visit our website soon to find out more.

We are happy to assist you with our expertise. Contact us immediately. We're glad to meet you. 

iclaims.ch builds up the International Claims Alliance step by step: if necessary, we will bring in the best claims experts abroad to achieve the best possible results for you.