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About us  

We are a four-year-old company that aims at the targeted handling of claims and labour law matters with the latest information technology. The focus is on simple processes that serve our clients. 

We work together with proven international partners. We can rely on a network with many years of experience, which allows us to work out optimal solutions. 

The focus is not on conflictual disputes, but on achieving the best possible results by pointing out the legally relevant facts. 

We therefore achieve more and in less time than traditional law firms. In addition, we work at least one third cheaper, with the same or higher quality.

As a rule, there are no costs for private individuals, as our expenses have to be covered by legal expenses insurance or by the insurance companies involved. We immediately take care of the corresponding cost approvals so that you are already relieved of financial worries in this regard.e will immediately take care of the appropriate cost credits so that you are already relieved of financial worries in this regard.

 more is always possible 
 Beratung und Vertretung bei Unfall, Krankheit, Invalidität, Arbeitslosigkeit, SpeakUp, Whistleblowing