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SpeakUp - the number 1 taboo topic in the world of work. 

You have noticed irregularities in management at your workplace? Those in charge are trying to sweep the issue under the carpet? What should you do next? 

First of all, it is important to clarify whether your company provides a channel for reporting irregularities that you can use anonymously and whether you are assured of clear protection against disadvantages if you make a report. Because beware: Swiss labour law does not protect you from abusive dismissal. There is freedom of dismissal. Whistleblowing reports should therefore be made with the utmost caution and iclaims.ch recommends in any case that irregularities are reported anonymously only and that anonymity is strictly maintained in the aftermath. 

iclaims.ch has relevant experience with the subject matter and will be happy to advise you so that you can place your tips constructively and contribute to the further development of the company without risk. 

If you have already been dismissed, iclaims.ch will make a claim for unfair dismissal on your behalf, although in Switzerland this will amount to a maximum of six months' salary. If the company's internal whistleblowing regulations provide protection against any disadvantages, iclaims.ch will assert further claims for damages on your behalf arising from the breach of your employment contract obligations with your former employer. 

iclaims.ch will be happy to advise you on all these questions. Book an initial meeting without obligation.

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