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Support in the event of unemployment and dismissal

Have you been unfairly dismissed? iclaims.ch will take care of the rest for you: Raise an objection within the notice period, file a lawsuit within 180 days of the termination of the employment relationship. In addition, iclaims.ch advises you on registering with the unemployment insurance fund and gives you important tips to ensure that you receive your daily unemployment benefit without delay. 

Furthermore, iclaims.ch supports you in your search for a new job. iclaims.ch can provide you with access to state-funded integration programmes. This is particularly important for older clients who often find it difficult to find a job.  

Often it also makes sense to find a solution with interim earnings, where you can also take on part-time or lower-paid jobs in order to find your way back into work and also extend your entitlement to daily unemployment benefits. 

iclaims.ch will be happy to advise you on all these questions. Book an initial meeting without obligation.

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 Beratung und Vertretung bei Unfall, Krankheit, Invalidität, Arbeitslosigkeit, SpeakUp, Whistleblowing